“NZ Champions of Cheese” Collection

Now you can select the very best New Zealand artisan cheeses to match our award winning beef – in either our Classic Steak or Classic Mince pies – a real A La Carte pie option


New Zealand’s perennial favourite pies have always been either a Mince and Cheese or a Steak and Cheese pie.  But these pies normally have just a small sprinkling of the cheaper,mass-produced cheeses.

From the start of our pie venture, we always wanted to put some special cheeses in our pies, and with cheese flavours which matched our pie flavours. So we have always partnered with Meyer Gouda Cheese. Meyer Cheese are a Hamilton based  cheese maker and are recognised as the premier Gouda cheese makers in New Zealand.  At NZ Champions of Cheese awards, they have been recognised as such.

The New Zealand Cheese Society created the NZ Champions of Cheese Awards to recognise the finest of New Zealand’s artisan cheese makers, and the superb cheeses that are made in New Zealand. Each year medals are awarded for the top cheeses, and the competition is eagerly awaited each year – as much from the public as from the cheese makers.


So it got us thinking!  We have also won Beef and Lamb’s prestigious “Steak of Origin” competition for the best steak in the country (twice).  Instead of just having a couple of pies in our range with great cheeses, why don’t we create a range of pies (both steak and mince) with a selection of the finest New Zealand’s artisan cheeses.  You can pick the cheese (or cheeses) you like – and can choose to have them either in a steak pie, or in a mince pie.

So now we have a “match made in heaven” – Award winning cheeses with award winning beef. We have now created a special “NZ Champions of Cheese Collection”

Thanks so much to the NZ Cheese Society for allowing us to not only use their logo but to eagerly assist with this new venture!



We have selected  four cheeses that we feel compliment the flavours of our pies.  Please note – these four cheeses are not set in stone, forever.  From time to time we will introduce new cheeses to the range.

Puhoi Valley Kawau Blue Cheese:
This is a superb blue cheese – Gorgonzola styled.  Not only was it awarded a Gold medal in this year’s awards, it also took out top Blue Cheese award AND the Countdown Champions of Champions supreme award.  We are thrilled to be able to offer this in both our Steak Pie and also our mince pie.

Meyer Cheese “Tasty” Gouda:
Meyer Cheese is our favourite gouda makers, and we have enjoyed, very much, their help and assistance. We have used their Tasty Gouda in our mince and cheese pie since we started, so we were delighted for them to win a Gold Medal in this years NZ Champions of Cheese Competition. We now have this cheese option in both Steak and Mince.

Barrys Bay Wood Smoked Cheddar:
Barrys Bay make some superb cheeses in Akaroa, and have continuously won awards in this competition.  We have chosen their Wood Smoked cheddar because of the superb taste match with both our steak and mince pies. This year it was a Bronze Medalist

Barrys Bay Peppered Havarti:
You can’t beat some melting havarti in a steak sandwich, and it’s the same in our pies – especially when it’s peppered.   Barrys Bay have won Gold, Silver and Bronze awards for their Peppered Havarti

Barrys Bay Chilli Gouda:
Barrys Bay did it again with their Chilli Gouda.  We wanted to put a different cheese in our Triple B – Beef, Bacon and Beans pie.  Chilli was the only option for us  and they have won both Siliver and Bronze medals with this cheese.  We can understand why!