Ours is a “provenance story” breeding all animals here at Lake Farm with a mission to develop a breeding herd as good as anything in the world.

We are first and foremost – an artisan beef breeder. We are not a farm that buys in cattle to fatten.  All the beef we sell has been bred on the property, and we sell our processed beef and gourmet pies to showcase the cattle we are raising.  Its a full and traceable provenance story.  It does mean that we only have a finite amount of beef to process

We see our beef and pie operations starting right  back to when we choose the best bull semen to AI or ET our cattle to produce outstanding progeny. We then have the beef processed for us and we sell directly.  It’s a lot more than “farm to plate”. It’s more like  “from conception to consumption”

Our breeding program specifically focuses on the eating quality of the meat.  We are looking for animals with great carcasses, high marbling; large eye muscle area, and, above all else, extreme docility.

BUT more important than all of this – our greatest efforts are to ensure our cattle live in an idyllic, peaceful environment (we have no dogs) and have a great life in the short time they are here. We even make sure that when our cattle go off on their fateful day they always go in twos or threes, so it’s as stress free as possible.

“It’s official – Lake Farm Beef is the best beef in New Zealand.”

NZ Lamb and Beef run an annual competition to find the best steak in New Zealand. The competition is called the “Steak of Origin” competition, and it is unique in the world.  Only a small number of facilities are licensed to process beef from the many entries, and the steaks taken are tested for tenderness and then go through a series of taste tests to conclude with a grand final  – the best 20 steaks in the country.  We have reached the final 20 four times in the last six years. Last year, 2014, we were awarded the very top prize – “Supreme Grand Champion” We entered four animals into the competition – and three out of the four also made the semi finals. So don’t take our word for it – its official – Lake Farm  Beef is the best beef in New Zealand!


It seemed obvious that some of our beautiful beef should be used to make that wonderful kiwi classic – the NZ hand-held pie, but with an artisan twist. Now consumers know exactly where the meat comes from in their pies, and trust that the beef is, simply, unbeatable.

Whilst we enjoy the income from selling pies – we are not just in the pie business.  Our pies are there to showcase our award winning beef, so, naturally, our beef has to be the hero product. Our desire is to supply a pie with the “wow factor” – with lots of meat in a gourmet pie with absolutely delicious recipes.

So we have developed some pretty special recipes – using both diced beef  and prime mince. Recently we have tweaked the recipes and the consistency, to come up with “Version II” of our pies.  We think they are very special, and our customer’s think so too!

Best Pies on the Planet:-
 Just like our lofty beef breeding goals – we also want to have “the best pies on the planet”.  It would be presumptuous of us to ever say that our pies are the world’s best, but we don’t mind saying that this is our definite aim.  And we reckon version II of the pies takes us a lot closer to these goals


Pie image MB


So, please, give us a try. Order an 8-pack today. We would be so thankful for your business!